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Dear All Women At Christmas Time, From Melissa's Husband

Do You Know What You REALLY Want This Christmas? Your Husband Would Like To Know Too

Look out guys. It's Christmas time again.
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(Originally published in 2012. Perennially relevant.)

Generally, men who need to "surprise" their wives or girlfriends on Christmas day with something delightful regard the run up to the Big Day with something approaching terror.

Some men love buying presents for the women in their lives. Most do not.

Melissa interviewed her husband and received some advice he wanted to share with our Stone Bridge friends like you on how to help your gift-buying man make great choices.

SB: Do you look forward to Christmas?

Husband: No. I enjoy the family part, but not the present buying. I find that stressful.

SB: Have you always found it stressful? Or only since adulthood?

Husband: It has always been stressful. Buying for my mother, my sister ... it doesn't matter.

Organising things that people will like is just impossible. You don't know until it's too late whether people will like what you've chosen and they make such a big deal about it.

I'm much more relaxed when people tell me what they'd like. Or if I'm buying for someone who I know truly doesn't care what they get. But there aren't many people like that, unfortunately.

SB: How do you view budgeting when someone tells you what they'd like to receive?

Husband: If I know they're going to like something, budget doesn't matter. Within reason, of course. But if it's affordable and it will make them happy, the price isn't important for me.

SB: Do you think a lot of men find Christmas stressful?

Husband: Yes, definitely. Everyone is different, of course, and people like the fun parts like the cooking and putting up the tree. It's just when expectations are high and the risk of disappointment is up there that it gets tense.

SB: If someone has told you what they want, how much leeway do you like in making decisions about specifics of the gift, like choosing the colour for example?

Husband: Unless I see something that I think is perfect for that person, I prefer to know the exact thing they'd like.

Just tell me exactly what you want.

Buying something and then not quite hitting the mark is just senseless.

SB: So the opportunity to "participate" in the selection process of buying the gift isn't important to you?

Husband: Again, people are different in what they like. But for me, it doesn't do anything for me. Making these choices is still stressful as even these little details can end up a total disaster.

SB: What should women do who've maybe not received the best gifts from their partners in the past?

Husband: Having a wish list that you can give to a man, ideally in November sometime, with a list of specific items you want is the best place to start. If you can mark things off in a catalog, like a choice of 6 things you'd like. Then he knows who to call and what to ask for.

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