Friday, 21 August 2015

Five Star Hair Clips Only For Thick Hair

Have you got thick hair? Check out this list for clips that will actually hold your hair...

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One thing we're really good at here at Stone Bridge is designing hair clips that really work for different hair types. And if you've got thick hair, finding a great clip you can rely on every day that can actually hold all your hair securely without breaking is not as easy as it ought to be.

We know. We speak to hundreds of women every week going through the same thing you're going through. We understand thick hair.

It's always helpful to find out what your fellow thick-haired sisters are using and loving so we've done a little trawling through the reviews and shopping baskets of this past season to see which clips have been coming out as the sure-fire winners of the summer.

After going on a corporate retreat where we built our teamwork skills going down zip wires and other such thrilling activities (no, not really) we got down to brass tacks to find out which products were the most popular and most loved by our thick-haired customers this season.

We are very proud to present: The Winners Your Thick Hair Needs.

★ 5 Star Barrette For Thick Hair: Orleans French Large Barrette 

The elegant scrolled cutwork design worn over a twist-up style has received a lot of love this summer.

This is what one fan had to say: Very excited! I can add this to my collection of Round Edge Combs and Large Barrettes. Honestly, Stone Bridge is it. There is no other hair clip company.

★ 5 Star Claw For Thick Hair: Liberty Rectangle Large Hair Claw

Our best-selling large hair claw style in this beautiful, true-blue Liberty print. If you've never had anyone compliment your hair accessories before when you're out and about, get ready to be stopped on the street. You'll want to wear this baby every day.

You sent in your comments: I bought my first claw from you in 2009, and it's still going. So when I saw it in this pattern, I just had to have it.

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★ 5 Star Headband For Fine Hair: Glacier French Double Headband

Our Double Headbands give the elegance of a skinny headband with the holding power of a wide one. Plus, our Super Comfy range of styles give you that hold while still being unbelievably comfortable.

You said: The colours are beautiful and the headband, frankly, just flippin' works for my thick hair.

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