Monday, 29 June 2015

The Number 15 Romantic Low Ponytail

Stealing your hair styles, no seriously! Take a look

I saw this lovely lady on the Number 15 bus, while in London, and her ponytail style just stuck with me. It was gorgeous and looked really elegant.

Oriente Large Barrette

This romantic low ponytail looks great on most face shapes and is the perfect way to make a ponytail go from simple to chic in an instant.

It doesn't take very long to learn how to do, practice alongside myself and Libby in this weeks new video...

Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Oriente Large Barrette
Classic French Mini Claw

Orleans Large Barrette

If you have fine hair, take a look at these Barrettes for your ponytail…

Classic French Oval Barrette

Flourish Long Skinny Barrette

Splendide French Bow Barrette

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Monday, 22 June 2015

Three Fast, Formal Styles Using Barrettes

Libby shows you three formal styles you can wear with a Barrette.

Gardénia Large Barrette
So… Libby had a bit of a dilemma: an evening  wedding reception to go to and the need for a quick but still beautiful, formal up-do.

Evening guests. We've all been there. These three styles fast, flattering and oh so easy.

The best part is, they are also great for work and weekends.

Barrettes are amazing, true story!

Take a look at Libby's video to see why...

Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Trientale Large Barrette
Gardénia Large Barrette
Oriente Large Barrette

If you have fine hair, take a look at these...

Vine Medallion Barrette
Splendide French Bow Barrette
Portofino Crystal Small Barrette

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Summer Essentials: Brights!

Phew! Have your got your sunglasses on yet? If so, then press PLAY...

Well, that was fun!

Rush thyself to Stone Bridge pronto. These hair clips won't stick around for long!

Flowers, honey bees and, of course, hair accessories!

Stone Bridge gardens are blooming!

So here's a little bit about where we get to work every day. Not only are Stone Bridge customers probably the nicest ever in the world (true fact) which makes coming into the office a joy, but we are surrounded by this beautiful garden, the planting designed by company founder Melissa Hill.

The plant combinations are heavily influenced by Sissinghurst Gardens in Kent, which, if you've never visited, is really worth a visit. Melissa always goes with a notebook and camera in her bag to capture all the great ideas.

Happy honey bees in the foxgloves!

Busy bees in the peonies...
Spot the Papillon Barrette in the Rose garden!

The English garden is a constant inspiration for us when we plan our collections. We love flowers, the abundant buzzy insects, contrasting foliage, harmonising colours, and natural soft forms.

All these elements contribute to our design process, and help us provide you with hair accessories that don't just look lovely in your hair.

We hope they convey some of the values we cherish about beauty, handcrafting, honesty and being nice to each other.

Thank you for being part of our lovely Stone Bridge world. We really appreciate it!

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Monday, 8 June 2015

How to use a Hair Fork In Two Simple Styles

Never used a hair fork? You won't believe how easy they are to use...

Allegro French Hair Fork

We LOVE hair forks here, and I will tell you why. They are one of the kindest ways to put your hair up and as a bonus they take up no room at all in your handbag.

They are super easy to use, once you get the hang of them and that's where Libby comes in.

Take a look at this styling video so you can master these easy-peasy up-do styles.

Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Arpege Hair Fork
Allegro French Hair Fork
Clouté Hair Fork (Sorry! This style is sadly now Sold Out)

Also see... the Allegro Brights French Hair Fork

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