Monday, 2 March 2015

How to Choose The Right Headband For Your Hair...

The 5th and final week in Libby's video series on choosing hair clips that will be perfect for your hair.

Libby's series of videos finishes this week and ending on a high note, it is packed with all the tips and tricks you need when picking the right hair accessory.

As you have maybe heard before, this series is not about just Stone Bridge hair clips. Libby wanted to share her knowledge on all aspects of hair accessory design, so you can choose the perfect one. Every time.

This week, Libby is talking about Headbands. Which designs work best for you, which ones to avoid and what shape headband will look best in your hair.

Take a look at the first video if you have fine, slippery hair.

This second video is for you if you have thick, heavy hair.

Never pick a Headband that isn't right for your hair again. Libby tells all.


Headbands Perfect for Fine Hair

Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Super Comfy Skinny Headband(for fine hair only!)
Renaissance Silk Headband
Slim Silk Scarf Headband
(See also Allegria Wide Silk Headband (perfect for fine hair)

Browse all headbands.

Headbands Perfect for Thick Hair

Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Crystal Couture Headband
Classic Extra Wide Headband (Only suitable for Medium to Thick Hair!)
Torque Silk Headband
Glacier Double Headband
(See also Classic Double Headband - perfect in thick, curly hair)

Browse all headbands.

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