Sunday, 8 February 2015

How To Choose The Right Barrette For Your Hair

Week 2 in Libby's series on choosing hair clips that will really work properly for you

Libby's series of videos continues this week, chock full of advice and important information about making sure you choose the right hair clip to suit precisely your hair type.

Remember, this is not just about Stone Bridge designs, but every hair accessory you might be considering when you're out and about, even on the high street.

This week, Libby is talking about barrettes: the clasp, the length, the right centre brace and even the degree of arch. Facts you both want to look for or even avoid.

The first video is for you if you've got fine, slippery hair.

The second video is critical if you have thick, heavy hair. Never buy a useless barrette again. Libby tells you how to do it right.


Hair Barrettes Perfect for Fine Hair

Orleans Large Barrette (for thick hair ONLY!)
Classic Long Skinny Barrette
Classic Oval Barrette
Arc Oval Barrette (for hair "fine but a lot of it")

Browse all barrettes recommended for fine hair.

Hair Barrettes Perfect for Thick Hair

Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Classic Oval Barrette (NOT for thick hair!)
Oriente Large Barrette
Orleans Large Barrette
Classic Extra Large Barrette (only for very, very thick or exceptionally long hair)

Browse all barrettes recommended for thick hair.

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