Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Headband You'll Love

Feminine, Practical, Elegant and just generally "Perfect"

Have you tried our Super Comfy Half Inch headband yet for yourself?

Bloggers Helen and Viccy have recently given it their two-thumbs-up.

Marketing executive Helen, styling our Classic Half Inch in Dark Lapis with a navy cable knit jumper by Ralph Lauren, skinny jeans and Timberland boat shoes writes:

"I absolutely adore the latest addition to my headband collection."

Check out Helen's "British Prep" lifestyle blog here.

And mum of 2 Viccy enthused about our Colour collection, commenting:

"The colour is vivid too... both colours really 'popped' on my mid-blonde hair. Stunning and elegant."

Read her full review here.

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