Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Have You Got This Embarrassing Hair Habit?

Many women with longer hair have this embarrassing habit. Do you?

This habit could be undermining you
at work. Do you do this?
Hiya! It's Libby here.

I'm the Senior Style Consultant at Stone Bridge Hair Accessories.

I've got my very first styling video for you today which I made because I had an interesting chat with a senior professional woman who discovered she had an embarrassing habit that surfaced just when she was in "full flow," like when giving a presentation or just whenever she was really focussed on her work.

Since that conversation, I've noticed A LOT of women doing this, completely unconsciously.

This behaviour can undo all the hard work you've put in getting your hair looking good for the day.

But I've got a super-easy style that will kick this nervous habit to the kerb, ensuring that you look pulled together and groomed when you need it most.

Hope you like my first video!

(And share your feedback in the comments, please ... Thanks!)

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