Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Are You A Hair Claw Addict? This Video Is For You

Barrettes For A French Pleat Style: Which Clasp Is Right For Your Hair?

Try Barrettes For Easy, Elegant Hair
Over the past several years, we've noticed a little pattern amongst our customers over time.

They come to Stone Bridge first for our super nice hair claws.

But eventually, they come round to trying our truly luxurious barrettes.

And then they are really hooked.

Why Barrettes Are Awesome

Barrettes, if you've not used one yourself, are much more useful than hair claws for creating a huge variety of simple, elegant styles.

They lie flatter against your head, making them more comfortable than claws.

If you have fine hair you'll enjoy barrettes because they weigh less (often by half), so cause less damage to your hair.

The lighter weight also means less strain on "that spot" at the back of your head, causing less pain and discomfort which fine-haired women sometimes find.

If you have thick hair, we've got a range of sizes for you to play with.

This means you will definitely get a clip that will hold all your hair securely all day while sitting nice and close to the curve of your head. This distributes the weight of heavier hair more evenly, giving your neck and even your back a break!

Never Tried One? Watch This Video For Easy Styles To Try

Barrettes are much more common in Europe, Australia and North America than they are here in the UK, so if you aren't too sure how to use them, you aren't alone.

If you've ever wondered how barrettes work in a French pleat style, this video tutorial is just for you.

Here I go through the three basic barrette styles to help you identify which style of clasp might be most suitable for your hair.


Barrettes For A French Pleat Style

Barrettes Shown In This Video

Marcotte Layered Large Barrette (Sold Out!) See our Rectangle Large Barrette
Double Scroll Large Barrette (Sold Out!) See our Oriente Large Barrette
Classic Long Barrette
Classic Wide Barrette (Sold Out!) See our Classic French Oval Barrette 

Browse all Stone Bridge barrettes


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