Thursday, 22 November 2012

Struggling With Styling Slippery Hair?

Melissa's Top Tips Just For You

I'm fresh back from our Christmas Shopping event at the beautiful Oriental Club in London.

I, Libby and Aiste got to meet a whole bunch of our customers. If you were one of them, we certainly had a fabulous evening. I hope you did too!

One customer in particular was determined to conquer the hair stick.

But ... bad news.

She has super slippery hair.

Click my video to find out my tippy top tips for how to get your slippery hair to stay put!

Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Allure Chunky Hair Stick (Sold Out!) See our *new* Vrille Classic French Hair Stick
French Pleat Medium Comb
Moana French Beak Clip

Visit Stone Bridge Hair Accessories for more really pretty hair clips that will make you smile ... ;)

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  1. Dear Melissa, I just watched your video. Thanks for the advice! I have slippery hair just as the woman you're talking about (fine, wavy, with a mind of it's own, medium to thin, nearly at waist length) and perhaps there's something I can add: When my hair was shorter, up-dos stayed much better because they were tighter, and I loved French Twists and combs to keep them up just as you show in the video. At present, that works on very good hair days only. As far as my experience goes Aloe Vera (you don't need to grow a plant since the gel for treating sun burns will do usually, as a secondary effect it moisturises my hair) is great means for keeping my hair up. I love hairsticks (short, usually pairs) and still wear them, and I think I'll need a Beak Clip soon :).

    1. Hello Renate! Lovely to hear from you and thanks for your tip about Aloe Vera gel. This is a great alternative idea to using mousse and as you say it has a moisturising benefit as well. This will give slippery hair that little bit of "tackiness" you need for updos to work.

      Thanks for commenting! :)