Friday, 27 July 2012

Get The Best From Your Grey Hair

Oprah Magazine has some useful tips you won't want to miss

Styling grey hair to
look awesome
Going grey? Tired of dying, but worried about looking washed out and past it?

This great article in Oprah Magazine I stumbled across has not only a lot of useful tips on choosing makeup and clothing to bring out the best in your hair.

They've also published an inspiring gallery of "before and after" shots of women who've embraced their silver.

The main tip, which is what I've often advised, is to get a really great hair cut.

This is so important.

You need people to know you are grey on purpose, and not because you've "given up."

This helps minimise the smart-alec (and un-asked-for) advice on "how to look better."


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  1. My blonde hair has started the change and I know I'm in the minority in deciding not to go for colouring. I'm enjoying watching it spreading and happy to have hair in fabulous condition ;)

    1. Hi Ali! Choosing not to colour is a difficult one, but I agree that having hair in strong healthy condition makes the decision worthwhile. The main thing, though, is that you enjoy your hair - coloured or not - and have fun with it. It's when your hair makes you unhappy or starts sapping your confidence that it is time to ask yourself the hard questions.

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it!