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TRESemme Split Remedy - Does It Work?

Our Verdict Is In ... The Job's A Goodun!

TRESemme Split Remedy - Does It Work?
You might recall last year my excitement at the research published about new hair care formulations claiming to repair split ends.

TRESemme is one of my favourite lines of hair care products, speaking as a formulation geek, because the products are generally straightforward, not full of silly magical ingredients and available everywhere at a great price.

So when I heard TRESemme were launching their own line using the new formula, my feeling was the market was truly going to give the public something "new and improved" for a change.

The Product

I picked up the TRESemme Split Ends Remedy conditioner in a 3 for 2 deal at Boots. So, no, I'm not on the payroll of TRESemme. You can put your mind at ease there.

The range has five products you can buy, from shampoo through to a serum.

In the past, "repair and protect" type formulations did their work, so to speak, by clumping slippery-feeling product around damaged sites along your hair. When the hair was dry and you ran your hands over your hair - incredible! - your hair felt smooth to the touch.

However the reality was that your hair was not repaired at all.

About two years ago a clever bunch of chemists worked out how to combine ingredients so that once your wet split ends were covered in product, the various bits of the split would be drawn together through electro-magnetic force as the product dried.

This creates a real seal along the fracture in your hair that stays together even when your hair is dry.

After three applications of product, the majority of split ends should be effectively "fixed."

And the fix is pretty darn good.

This means the split doesn't continue to travel up the hair, at least not at the rate you might experience in the olden days.

So your hair looks better and you should experience less breakage.

Back when the research was just being published, this new ingredient had some kinks to it that needed ironing out.

There was concern about how the product would feel to the consumer both poured out of the bottle and after rinsing. This is a real issue because even though the product might deliver, if the consumer doesn't like how it feels while shampooing their hair it will never gain popularity.

It was this sticking point that I was so interested to see once the product was out available on shop shelves.

The Test

My hapless oldest daughter, frequent unwilling guinea pig for my varied hair experiments, was our tester.

She has medium weight, stick straight (can you believe it?) hair that is mid-back in length.

Over the past couple years she has developed split ends which personally I think is the result of wearing her hair down all the time and inadvertently catching her hair under the shoulder strap of her ridiculously heavy schoolbag every day.

But I'm just her mother. What do I know?

After one application, Daughter said her hair felt fine and the number of split ends was noticeably reduced.

After the second application a few days later, her hair continued to feel nice and the number of split ends were further reduced.

However, she did complain that her hair seemed to get more tangled during the day - visibly so. And brushing her hair in the afternoon was more tedious than pre-treatment.

This weekend was the third application. You would struggle to find any split ends now, so there is no question that TRESemme Split Ends Remedy conditioner does what it says it does.

She feels that she isn't having the tangling problem as much now, but we'll keep an eye on it.

Tangles in long hair are NOT GOOD and contribute to damage. They indicate an increase in friction between the individual hairs, which means the cuticle surface is rubbing and catching and ultimately chipping away.

Melissa's Verdict

If you suffer from visible split ends, TRESemme Split Ends Remedy will probably do the job for you, whichever one product from the range you choose to use.

My opinion is that you do not need to use a combination of products from this range and that continuing with your preferred shampoo will not stop the product from working correctly.

TRESemme Split Ends Remedy is possibly best suited for hair no longer than just past shoulder length, given the tangling problem briefly experienced during our test.

You may experience this problem with longer hair, and so personally I would not recommend this range for longer hair.


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  1. Anonymous4/21/2013

    Thank you so much!. I have been doing some research on Tresemme products, and I decided on this one beacuse I have terible split ends. I had read the reveiws on their website and saw for some, it mad their hair waxy or greasy. I was a little worried it would do that to my hair to, so I continued my examination of this product. When I saw this, and how it worked so well on your daughter's hair, it made me decide on Split Remedy for good. So,I'll be going to purchase the product today, and thatnks again for this helpful post :) .