Saturday, 30 June 2012

Dead Easy, Super Glam Wedding Updo

This Week's Video Tutorial: The Rolled Chignon

Caroline Herrera AW 11    Image: GoRunway
This style has been all over the catwalks, done using a mouthful or two of grips and a bucket of hairspray.

But all that drama is unnecessary.

The low rolled chignon style is perfect for weddings or the races, or any other occasion where a hat is imperative.

This style must be practiced before the day of your event. I cannot stress this enough.

The amount of hair you take back at the sides will depend on your head shape and profile.

It personally took me about five attempts on different days before I landed on the right proportions for my head, and I think I'd want to play with this a few more times before feeling completely confident that I look more groomed than granny.

But that is the only tricky aspect to this particular style. The actual "doing" up of your hair honestly takes about a minute.

Enjoy the video!

How To Do An Easy Rolled Chignon Using A French Comb


Hair Accessories Used In This Video

Starlight Elastics

French Pleat Medium Comb

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