Sunday, 1 January 2012

Living Dangerously So You Don't Have To

Melissa Dances With the Devil And Lives To Tell The Tale

What do I always say?

Practice new hair styles before the day of your formal event.

Use your mirrors.

And what do I do?

Never mind about that. I made a little video for you about an updo hair style that (thank goodness) works without a lot of effort and looks pretty good.


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  1. Anonymous1/04/2012

    Enjoyed watching you do this style. What type of Blax elastics did you use please? Thanks

  2. Hiya! The band I used is actually a Boots brand "Snag Free Black Ponyband" and you get zillions for a few pounds.

    I don't generally recommend this type of ponytail elastic for your everyday ponytail because the tension you need to hold your hair will end up causing the band to cut into your hair and give you split ends.

    But they are good for building an "invisible" foundation for an updo.