Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hair Clips At The Cinema

How The Latest Transformers Film Can Help You With Your Hair

We took the full Hill brood to see the new Transformers film, "Dark Of The Moon", which was the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Popcorn was consumed by all.

But more importantly ...

I learned useful new hair clip tricks and fortunately we've got a brand new little hair clamp that is perfect for the job.

First, if you have fine to medium hair, but not too thin of a ponytail, there was an interesting style sported by no less than the National Intelligence Director, played by the brilliant Frances McDormand.

McDormand has hair tending to the fine side, but a fair amount of it.

For her, and for her character, this gives her a ponytail of average size.

Click to enlarge!

The Style

McDormand had her hair in a very low ponytail, twisted once and secured by a rather cheap looking hair claw close in to the nape of her neck.

I thought we could do this one step better, of course, with a French handmade hair claw, in a colour that tones in with the hair.

Here I've used our new Classic Mini hair clamp, which is 5 cm long.

I experimented with a longer clamp and it completely overwhelmed the back of my head, so I don't recommend this style with a clip that is any larger than 5 cm in length.

Normally, I would choose for my own hair either our Silver Shell or pretty silvery Graphite colour.

Just so it is easier for you to see what I've done, I used the French Vanilla colour, which is one we usually recommend for you as a beautiful colour if you have blonde hair.

Not Only Pretty, But Also Useful

On my way out of the cinema, I passed a teenaged girl whose hair was pulled back very prettily into a half-up style.

Naturally, the Classic Mini clamp also works brilliantly for this style, again if your hair is medium to thick, or "fine but a lot of it".

If your hair is more fine and thin, this is a fantastic style for creating height at your crown, but I would choose a smaller claw in your case.

Something more like our Classic Mini claw.

How this style looks from the front ...

Again, I recommend you choose a colour that coordinates best with your hair colour.

Fortunately, we've got not 3, not 4, no not even 5 naturally inspired colours for you to pick from.

We have this clip in a whopping 6 colours for you, so you are guaranteed to find just the right colour to suit your hair.

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