Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hair Barrettes Perfect for Fine Hair

Day 2 Of Our Video Series about Hair Clips for Fine Hair

Originally from 2011, this has been one of our most popular video series ever. The original video has been saved for you down below as it is still full of great advice you can start using straight away.

But check out our current video for these timely tips just for fine hair.

Hair Clips Shown In This Video

Orleans Large Barrette (for thick hair ONLY!)
Classic Long Skinny Barrette
Classic Oval Barrette
(See also Glacier French Oval Barrette)
Arc Oval Barrette (for hair "fine but a lot of it")

Browse all barrettes recommended for fine hair

(Original 2011 video)

How To Choose Barrettes for Fine Hair

Barrettes Shown in this Video

Navy Buckle barrette
Arc Oval Classic Tortoiseshell barrette
Old Fashioned Gold barrette
Belle Long Skinny barrette

Browse all Stone Bridge barrettes and hair slides for fine hair

Tomorrow's video ... Ponytail Elastics for fine hair

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