Friday, 10 December 2010

Winter Static

How Hair Clips Can Help When You've Got Static In Your Hair

Surpised by static? Sort it here...
In winter when the air is dry, static in your hair can become a bit of a nuisance. What is static and how can you get rid of it?

Static electricity is created when two different materials with odd numbers of electrons come into such close contact that the unpaired electrons temporarily escape.

So a wool hat or scarf that has been on your hair is pulled back (or that balloon you’ve been rubbing on your hair is held slightly away – something we do all the time, I know).

Your hair picks up the escaped electrons, temporarily giving the individual hair strands the same electrical charge, and they repel each other.

To reverse this, you simply need to earth the rogue electrons with a conducting material, the most conductive being steel, copper or water.

So the next time you walk into a shop or work and your hair is standing on end, you just need to run your keys or a few pennies through your hair to get rid of the static. 

Alternatively, go wet your hands and then run your damp fingers through your hair. That’s it.

If static is a real recurring problem for you, there are chemicals that diffuse static electricity which are commonly found in tumble dryer softening sheets.

These products also contain chemicals that you find in normal hair conditioners.

You can lightly run one of these sheets over your dry hair after you finish styling it in the morning in the places where static tends to be a problem, such as the ends and along your hairline.

If that is too weird or the softening sheets make you smell like a laundrette, experiment with using a leave-in conditioner just at your usual trouble spots.

Many of these main brand products contain an anti-static agent in them.

Good quality hair clips can help too, of course.

All our French barrettes and hair claws use steel mechanisms, placing an earthing material very close to your hair.

Also, the simple act of putting your hair up so that the ends are protected will preserve moisture around your head and minimise static.

Stone Bridge Hair Accessories to Add Metal to Your Hair

Portofino Crystal Barrette. All our barrettes use high quality French steel clasp, so will do the job earthing your hair for you. But you could be quite sparkly in the process, right? Made in Italy and completely covered in Swarovski crystals. A small barrette couldn't be more impressive.

Grand Emperor Butterfly Slide Dazzlingly beautiful, our Grand Emperor butterfly slide is hard to resist. Like it's elusive namesake, this design is all the more beautiful for its rarity.

Handmade for Stone Bridge in Germany, the 35 swarovski-cut crystals have been individually set by hand, into a durable metal base. The clasp itself is made from a high-grade steel, lined with a small row of teeth, to provide a secure hold you can count on. 


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