Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Easy High Ponytail with a Hair Clip

Almost Any Hair Clip Will Work - Just Start With a French Pleat

Earlier this month I had a styling consultation with a customer who wanted to learn how to use some different hair accessories. She had very long (about bra strap length, maybe longer?) hair. And thick. And straight with slippery tendencies. She is an independent consultant, working with senior level corporate executives all over the world.

She has a sporty, creative, high energy personal style and likes to have her hair back out of her face.

10-Second High Ponytail hair style
So one style I taught her was a high ponytail style that looks very grown up, created with a hair clip instead of an elastic.

This is a very versatile style that can be dressed up or down simply by changing the hair clip you decide to use. It also takes literally 10.16 seconds (including checking how you look in the mirror). I know this because Claire timed me, and I wasn't trying to do it uber quick, either.

All you need is hair that is at least past shoulder length, with not too many layers and a single good hair clip.

Here's how you do it:

Start with a high French Pleat
Step 1: Make a high up French Pleat. 
You want long ends, so unless your hair is to the middle of your back, start your initial ponytail at the centre of your head or higher.

Here, I only twisted my hair around once.

If you have very long hair or want to use extensions (so to your bottom rib or longer), start with a more traditional French pleat, making the first twist of your pleat nearer the bottom of your hairline.

To learn more about the basics of the French Pleat style, click this link and scroll to the bottom to watch my video on how to make a French Pleat.

French Pleat using the Fiori Swarovski barrette
Step 2: Secure your pleat near your crown. 
Hold the style with a barrette or close-holding hair claw very high up on your head, near your crown. 

Choose a hair clip that is really strong, particularly if you have long ends. 

The longer your ends, the heavier your ponytail will be, so you need a properly designed hair clip. I recommend any barrette that we call at Stone Bridge a "large" barrette. 

French Pleat with the Estiva Swarovski barrette
Here I have used our Italian crystal barrettes, both the Estiva Swarovski barrette and the Fiori Swarovski barrette

The Estiva is excellent for a very formal occasion or top drawer black tie sort of event. 

Hair claws are best if they can get right around and under your pleat. Here I'm using our Crystal Strand Large volume hair clamp

French Pleat with a Crystal Strand clamp
For a less dressy claw, try the Cadre Rectangle hair clamps.

The downside to using claws for this style is that most types of clamp will stand proud, which kind of spoils the ponytail effect, so really barrettes are easiest. If you have enough hair and are will to experiment, our French Pleat medium comb also works for this style.

Our Stone Bridge Classic Beak clips are also good because they lie flat under your ponytail and also help spread your hair out to create more fullness. 

If you have a lot of hair - either very thick or very long and heavy - I would go for a small Ficcare Maximas clip.

Back view of my High Ponytail
Step 3: Arrange your ends.
Spread out your ponytail just above the clip so the weight is evenly distributed out the top of your pleat.

This gives your hair much better movement and makes your profile more attractive.

Get experimenting, and have fun!

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