Monday, 17 May 2010

Matching Your Face Shape to the Best Hair Style

Forget Fashion - Your Face Shape Determines What Style Works Best for You

We all know that body shape makes a big difference on whether any given dress will look good on you. The same principle applies to hair styles and hair accessories.

The ideal face shape in "attractiveness" studies in psychology is oval. Through styling your hair you can create the illusion of a more oval face (and if you've got an oval face, then the world is your oyster, you lucky lady!).

What I think is even more fun, though, is once you know your face shape, you can look up other celebrity women on the internet and you will have access to a complete catalog of pictures of hair styles that work - or sometimes DON'T work - for your face shape.

How to Work Out Your Face Shape

For some reason, a lot of articles about determining your face shape recommend using "your favourite lipstick" to outline your face on your bathroom mirror. This must be a man's idea. I can't think of a worse use for your favourite lipstick. Plus getting lipstick off your mirror ... the mind boggles.

The way I did it, I took a picture using the camera on my computer, printed it off, and then drew lines on the picture. My lipstick is safe, the mirror is clean.

I found a really superb video on YouTube that shows you how to work out your own face shape and then suggests your celebrity "look alike" to get you started.

Click here to see this video about How to Work Out Your Face Shape.

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