Saturday, 15 May 2010

How to Use Banana Clips

I found an excellent video for you on YouTube showing you how to use banana clips to make a cute rockabilly look.

This lady is combining a quiff with her fringe and then using the banana clip to create a cascading ponytail with her layered hair. It is a great, sporty look that with some adapting to your own personal style (either messier or more sleek, whichever suits you better) can work at any age. This is does not have to be a style only for young women.

She also uses a few styling techniques that I want to make sure you know about, if you've not seen these before. 

Smoothing Your Hair

She finishes her style with quite a bit of hairspray. To get a very smooth look, rather than spraying her hair directly, she coats her hands with hairspray and then uses the palms of her hands to smooth down her hair. This is okay and I think it works for the weight of her hair. An even better method is to spray the back of your brush or comb and use that to smooth your hair.

Sometimes using your hands on your hair, little flyaways can end up sticking to your fingers, undoing all your work and generally being irritating.

Hairspray for Oily Hair?

As another nitpicky aside, she comments that hairspray is good for oily hair because it absorbs oil. This isn't in fact true. The alcohol in hairspray is evaporating away water from the hair, making it dryer. Then the hair itself absorbs the oil. I wouldn't generally recommend this a a daily care routine if you have oily hair, but it is a good thing to know if you have a bad hair day and need a quick fix!

I tried resizing this video but it isn't fitting on the page very well. If you find this annoying, you can also come see this video on the Stone Bridge You Tube channel here: How to Use Banana Clips

Hair Accessories for this Style

Classic French Banana Clip. Classic French design, perfect for a pretty ponytail. 
Plage French Banana Clip Just like the one shown in the video. A beautiful, swirly design. 

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