Thursday, 20 May 2010

A French Twist Variation for Shoulder Length Hair

I have just returned from visiting one of our customers who was choosing some hair accessories for a wedding she was attending as a guest.

Now, what I love about visiting customers is I get to see how you like to do your hair and how you use your hair accessories. Sometimes I can teach you a few tricks, but I almost always learn something new myself.

Today, I broke one of the rules on a classic French Pleat or Twist style, and it meant my customer had a whole bunch more options on how to wear her hair. Not to mention a world of new hair claws that will now hold her hair.

If you suffer from slippery hair, try experimenting with this version and see if it makes a difference for you.

Traditionally, a "perfect" pleat starts low down at the base of your head. This gives you an attractive fold or line in your hair that runs all the way from your hairline at your neck ideally up to your crown. This is very sexy and flattering as it draws the eye vertically down your head along the line of your neck.

However, my customer's hair would not cooperate without massive intervention with grips and hair spray ... it was all going wrong. Undaunted, I was quite determined to figure a method to get her hair into an easy pleat she could do every day and without effort.

My Lady's Hair

My customer has very straight, shoulder-length, fine hair, but a lot of it. She has been growing out her fringe, which is now quite long. Her stylist has been feathering layers into just the ends of her hair to blend in the fringe, so the front layers are still shorter than the back.

Twisting her hair into a traditional pleat without help from grips or hair spray meant the layers simply slipped out of the style. Her "tail ends" were also quite short and didn't arrange into a nice peacock tail.

The New French Pleat

Throwing caution to the wind, I started her pleat with a ponytail at slightly higher than the middle of her head - about a centimetre above the tops of her ears. I twisted the ponytail once and folded the hair up. We used her favourite hair claw, again slightly high on the head, to hold the twist. Her layers were held in and she had attractive cascading tail ends to arrange over the crown of her head or falling back over the clip as she liked.

So which hair clip did she choose for the wedding? Ooo la la! The stunning large Swarovski Pave Crystal hair clamp. Gosh, her hair looked nice!

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